VENUSfrequency yogic edition 17 MAR 2023 | Sutra 3.3 | Samadhi

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 17 MAR 2023 | Sutra 3.3 | Samadhi
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All SUTRA 3.3 today aaaaaaaand  with that spotlight on SAMADHI…

Observer, observing, and observed: With meditation, there is still an observer observing an observed. When the observer becomes so absorbed in the process of observing the object that there seems to be only the object, that is the beginning of samadhi. It is as if the observer, the process of observing, and the object being observed all three collapse in such a way that the only thing remaining is the object. When this deep absorption happens, meditation becomes samadhi.

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You’re in samadhi right now: This is a little hard to believe, but at the present moment you are in samadhi, and the object on which you are in samadhi is your perception of who you are


in the context of how you believe the world to be. In fact, you are pure consciousness, Self, Seer, etc.  (1.3), TATA DRASTUH SVARUPE VASTHANAM but have difficulty experiencing this because of the clouding

(1.5VRTTAYAH PANCATAYYAH KLISTAKLISTAH of the mind field. The tool of meditation and samadhi is learned so as to be able to break these false identities.

Stages of samadhi: It is important to recall that there are stages of objects of samadhi (1.17-1.181.42) and that samadhi is not the end in itself, but is a tool that is used along the way. (See also the article, Five Universal Stages of Meditation)

Samadhi becomes a tool: The ability to allow concentration to go into meditation, and to then allow meditation to go into samadhi is a process called samyama, which is discussed in the upcoming sutras (3.4-3.6). This is used as the finer tool for the subtler practices.

Yoga Sutra Study 3.3

Tad Evarthamatra Nirbhasam Svarupa Sunyam Iva Samadhih


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Canva Sutra 3.3
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