VENUSfrequency yogic edition 24 FEB 2023 | Sadhana Pada | TKV Desikachar The Heart of Yoga

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 24 FEB 2023 | Sadhana Pada | The heart of Yoga TKV Desikachar
59:42 Min.
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THUS ends the SECOND chapter on SADHANA (spiritual practice) in the YOGA Sutras composed by Patanjali. 

The chapter began with an introduction of KRIYA yoga. (1) its effects (2) and a discussion of the klesas, which it removes (3-11).  

Karma and its consequences are outlined (12-14) and the principle of suffering established (15-16). This is followed by the characteristics of the seer and the seen (17-22), the conjunction between them (23-24), and the definition of liberation (25-27). Next, the eight limbs of yoga are introduced as the means to attain liberation (28-29), and the remainder of the chapter is dedicated to these, the YAMAS and their universality (30-31), the niyamas (32) the means to cuonter tendencies contrary to the  

yamas (the guidelines suggesting ways to establish intelligent relationship with yourself and with the world around you)  and  

niyamas (guidelines for mindful participation in your life, the outward practice, ways of regulating your interactions and relationships with the world around you)  

Both the YAMAS & the NiYAMAS are gradual processes of aligning external actions with your inner peace and harmony.  

(33-34) are then the side benefits accruing from observing the yamas and niyamas (35-45). Next ASANA, the third limb, is presented (46-48) followed by pranayama, the forth limb (49-53), and pratyahara, the fifth (54 & 55).  

And as we wrapped up the 2nd pada, sadhana pada, and before moving on to the next the VIBHUTI pada, which overall theme is the advanced meditation practices and how they reveal the subtle aspects of reality.  

A little bit of a buffer and summary episode today… receiving yoga guideance by DKV disikachar with excerpts from his book THE HEART OF YOGA,  

Where he for example explains that THE WORLD EXISTS TO SET US FREE  


VENUSfrequency a pop|culture way of the Yoga, Meditation, holistic Body Wisdom and Soul ARTistry lifestyle, together we rise in support of a more mindful, co-creating, accepting, healing and loving world.

broadcasting frequencies and supporting energy waves that vibrate bright, lucid and clear, that nourish the powerful feminine aspects of all things creation

Bringing forth faith, hope, love, healing and the feminine, and with that not meaning gender, but the feminine principle that is living—or suppressed—in all of us men or women.”

because the power to either destroy, divide & suppress or to heal, unite, awaken, co-create & nourish, lie in our own hearts, visions & responsibilities.

May we continue to Yoga together, may we realize & salute that very Source and OneNess within each other, may we continue to practice this highest of arts, grow and change together, for Unity and Peace.


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