Places of Hope and Grief – Lesbos

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  • Places and People at Mytelini - Of Hope and Grief.
53:55 Min.
Lila Solidarität – Mor Dayanışma
41:49 Min.
Talk with the curators of "Identity on the Line"
46:35 Min.
"Ukrainian Culture Works Only for the Ukrainian Army"
48:27 Min.
The ongoing War from the Point of View of a Russian and a Ukrainian
48:14 Min.
Wohnen, Kunst und Kultur im Kapitalismus
53:46 Min.
Bericht von Tag der Menschenrechte und Spielfeld
41:38 Min.
Ver-rückte Migrant:innen
1 Std. 01 Sek.
Nick Acorne: "Wir wollen kein teil von Russland sein und wir wollen kein Krieg auf unsere Erde haben"
55:27 Min.
Pilotshow: Lesbos meets Graz

Mo and Aziz are the new Radioteam at Lesbos with great support by Doro. In the next months we want to get prepared and train for regular broadcasts from Lesbos.

Today this is our second rehearsal show from Lesbos.

Doro, Mo, Aziz and Yasin are at Mytelini and they will talk to Saif and Walt at the Radio Helsinki Studio in Graz.

We want to make a tour through Lesbos to the places and we want to meet the people. Especially the Paréa Community Center offers support, services and activities for refugees. Doro Blancke runs the education and legal support at the Paréa.

Lesbos is on the European border to Turkey. Borders affect the location: You will find restrictions, discrimination, struggles and grief but also great solidarity, communities, support and hope. What does it mean to live on that kind of ambivalent, contaminated place?

On the 20th of June will be the „International Refugee Day“. We dedicate our show to the now more than onehundred million of people who have to escape violence and are forced to escape war, deep crises, discrimination because of their religion, race, gender or any disposition, political or social belonging.

The project „Snapshots from the Borders“ is a collaboration of Radio Helsinki and Doro Blancke Flüchtlingshilfe.

We are funded by the ASFhub, a joint project of the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Ludwig Boltzmann Society.

Fotocredit: Doro.

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