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45:40 Min.
Second Hand Zagreb
45:02 Min.
First-hand opinions on second-hand goods (Partner Radios Podcast)
45:21 Min.
Graz, do you buy second hand?
55:24 Min.
Progress & Regression of Croatia's Sustainability
41:13 Min.
To find Sustainability in Rurality
47:12 Min.
"Turn it off, set it on 0" - through the lens of the SDG 7
44:09 Min.
Green Awareness - Radio Student Zagreb
36:04 Min.
Boomer or Zoomer, We Gasp for the Same Air
36:45 Min.
How sustainable is your lifestyle?
45:55 Min.
#23: Food Waste of Zagreb

The November edition of the Radioactivism podcast addresses art, activism and climate change. We take a peek into different corners of Graz and knock on the doors of artists, organisations and projects making art that has an activist impact. And because art is a broad term, we cover literature, computer installations and contemporary art.

We ask our interviewees about the impact of making art – what are the triggers or release in them, and how it potentially affects the recipient of the artwork.

We introduce „Writers in Climate Crisis“ – climate change literature as a bridge between literature, the natural sciences and the real living space. You will hear text Oasis by Cosar Bianca (voice of the computer: Matthias Tuncel) and  a talk with the co-organizer Lisa Höllebauer.

Andreas Zingerle presents (Un)sustainable?!– annual program of that explores ecological, systemic approaches and questions of diversity and sustainability in terms of technology and digitalization.

Hannah interviews Katharina Schmied, visual artist, singer in a punk band and chemistry student and Nora Skrabania (Mo), founder of Klub der Kreativen, member of Artists for FuturePlattform 1,5 Graz and Transition Graz.

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