VENUSfrequency yogic edition 12 AUG 2022 | sutra 2.34 | metta meditation

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 12 AUG 2022 | sutra 2.34 | metta meditation
56:59 Min.
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What is Yoga Sutra 2.34 in todays episode, Emotions are an integral part of human existence. In their pursuit of liberation or enlightenment, yoga practitioners are not expected to remove all emotionality. Rather they must, step by step, overcome negative emotions and refine or ennoble their emotional life. In this way yogis also effectively contribute to greater social harmony and world peace.

we also dance, and sway and open our hearts wide unto the body of life. Underlined by this carefully curate playlist of world contemporary tunes by …

identical playlists are found on Spotify via VENUSfrequency, written together as one word… not all playlists are public, just because it would be more than 300 of them by now… if there is anything ever in particular you are looking for, just get in touch with me, you know where to find me…

SUTRA 2.34 – Choosing not to engage in negative and violent thoughts, emotions or actions at any level prevents never ending pain, imbalance and suffering. (pratipaksha bhavana).

The quote ‘we are our thoughts’ is described here. What we think, will be. More validation to start changing our thought patterns to be positive and in the direction of goodwill and harmony.

YOGA SUTRA 2.34 is all about abstining from negativity and violence, – pratipaksha bhavana…

& some buddhist metta meditation in this episode

VENUSfrequency a pop|culture way of the Yoga, Meditation, holistic Body Wisdom and Soul ARTistry lifestyle, together we rise in support of a more mindful, co-creating, accepting, healing and loving world.

broadcasting frequencies and supporting energy waves that vibrate bright, lucid and clear, that nourish the powerful feminine aspects of all things creation

Bringing forth faith, hope, love, healing and the feminine, and with that not meaning gender, but the feminine principle that is living—or suppressed—in all of us men or women.”

because the power to either destroy, divide & suppress or to heal, unite, awaken, co-create & nourish, lie in our own hearts, visions & responsibilities.

May we continue to Yoga together, may we realize & salute that very Source and OneNess within each other, may we continue to practice this highest of arts, grow and change together, for Unity and Peace.



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