#08: Hot in Zagreb

Unpolluted On Air
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41:15 Min.
What about the carbon footprint of Radio Helsinki?
41:45 Min.
#13: Quietly Flows the Drava River
41:07 Min.
Water in Zagreb
54:36 Min.
Is it safe to jump and swim in the Mur river?
56:46 Min.
Maribor: Shadow, clearly
49:00 Min.
The tropical night in Graz
43:59 Min.
#06: Cycling in Maribor and Slovenia
55:38 Min.
#7: Biking through traffic in Zagreb
40:02 Min.
How good is Graz at cycling?

New episode of Unpolluted on Air by Radio Student Zagreb team

While recording this episode, we melted in the studio because the temperatures hit crazy levels (38 degrees Celsius) and then continued to rise through the weekend. Even though Croatia is a coastal country, the sea brings little joy when the UV ratings reach dangerous levels, with many counties issuing water reduction policies. Zagreb is mostly empty during the summer months but nevertheless the heat is mostly unbearable. The ER is constantly on the field on calls to take care of people fainting. The problem with hot cities is not easily solvable, that’s why we invited talented young architect and urbanist Filip Pračić to share with us what the city planners can do to make the summer in Zagreb more livable.

Written and produced by: Anton Perović, Sara Sorić and Ivan Kolar

Official photo by LameOh (oh.lame)


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