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Unpolluted On Air
  • Unpollted on Air JUNE 2022
45:06 Min.
#08: Hot in Zagreb
43:59 Min.
#06: Cycling in Maribor and Slovenia
55:38 Min.
#7: Biking through traffic in Zagreb
40:02 Min.
How good is Graz at cycling?
37:43 Min.
Radio Student Zagreb presents their team
44:29 Min.
Partner Radios Podcast -A Warm Welcome
51:48 Min.
Radio Marš: Ministry Against Environment

First production, first release and first airing of „Unpolluted on Air“ – a podcast produced by young activists collaborating with Radio Helsinki, who are insightful, proactive, questioning and spreading unpolluted ideas into the radio airwaves.
Benedikt, Hannah, Leila and Nicolas, the radio activists, introduce themselves – what they are interested in, what they have done for the environment today, how they themselves are contributing to a more conscious attitude towards environmental issues. The activists also engage in an open debate – How do we see ourselves evolving over the years towards a more conscious attitude towards environmental issues. What can each of us try – every day.


Unpolluted On Air is a weekly series of podcasts actively addressing the environmental crisis from the local perspective of youth collaborating at the independent radio stations Radio MARŠ (Maribor, Slovenia), Radio Student (Zagreb, Croatia) and Radio Helsinki (Graz, Austria).

An international community of young radio makers and activists working for climate and social justice using the medium of radio to address questions such as:
– How do youth in Maribor, Zagreb and Graz perceive littering?

– What are activists of climate and social justice saying about their voice being heard by local municipality of those cities?

– What do experts have to say about sustainable urban planning in Zagreb, Maribor and Graz?

Unpolluted On Air series are part of RadioActivism – an international project of three independent radio stations financed by Erasmus+, Movit.

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