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Women in Bollywood. The female side of a global dream factory

Bollywood is generaly and rightfuly considered as an entertainment industry. Bollywood, the heart of indian film industry produces the highest number of films in the world. Affecting the society and getting affected by it indian cinema has always tried to potray dreams of one billion indians.

We set out to find how Bollywood’s interpretation reflects the aspirations of the women who brave the patriachly structured social set-up in order to carve a niche for themselves under the sun, who wants, just for once, to live her life her own way. The programme will cover history and themes of bollywood in relationship to women. It will also explore the undiscoverd parallel or off-beat films from india and the contribution of women in it.

Prepared by Sarita Jenamani

Music: classical musics from films, Bollywood hits from DJane Haji

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25. April 2006
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04. Mai 2006
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