Sound of Silence – Mihret Kebede

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  • ORANGE 94.0 Logging 2022-03-08 11:00
59:59 Min.
Interview mit Deniz and Dilan vom Projekt “Das Goldene Buch”
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Radio Grille – Queering Sommer Tunes II
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Radio Grille - Queer Sommer Tunes
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inter*, trans*, nicht-binäre PRIDE
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Petition für ein Gesetz zum Schutz von intergeschlechtlichen Kindern und Jugendlichen! iniitiert von VIMÖ - Verein Intergeschlechtliche Menschen Österreich
05:17 Min.
Unterschreiben: Gesetz zum Schutz von intergeschlechtlichen Kindern und Jugendlichen! (Beitrag ohne Musik)
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Májstorin* FLINTA* Fest: Programm und Hintergrund
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queere und andere tolle Kinderbücher
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These Girls, Too
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Grille's Musiksalon: Astrud Gilberto bis Wet Leg

Silence as a strong communication and resistance tool. Interview with Ethiopian artist and poet Mihret Kebede.

Interview with Mihret Kebede (currently in the phd-in-practice-programme / academy of fine arts Vienna) about silence as a means of resistance.

A talk about the feminist empowerment of ‚making noise‘ and emcouraging marginalized people to speak up as well as ’silence‘ questioning the limits of reason and dialogue or bringing the ’system‘ to a halt.
What ‚goes without saying‘ and what ‚cannot be said‘?
Where is the difference between silencing from oppression and silence as resistance to oppression?

Mihret Kebede graduated from Addis Ababa university School of Fine Arts and Design in painting with distinction in 2007 and has earned her MA in arts from the same school in 2016. She has also received a certificate award of recognition as the best practicing artist in 2013 from Ministry of culture and tourism, Ethiopia.



  • Mulatu Astatke | Asiyo Bellema feat. Frank Holder & Niaaza Alsherif
  • Tsedi | Sew
  • Konstrakta | In Corpore Sana
  • Exile | AfroAsia Project, Insurrections Ensemble

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