VENUSfrequency yogic edition 29 OCT 2021 | sadhana pada | hallelujah | Marianne Williamson

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 29 OCT 2021 | samadhi pada | halleluja | Marianne Williamson
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DEAR LIFEPlease use me in service of the collective good.Use my hands and use my feet, guide my thoughts and expand my heart,that I choose healing in everything I touch.Remove the veil that hides from me, the other world that’s possible.Help me imagine what I have not yet imagined and help me to walk in truth.

Let me be of service.

And let me inspire other’s to raise vibrations and to heal together

this is Annemarie of VENUS FREQUENCY

living and sharing a pop|culture way of the YOGA, MEDITATION, HOLISTIC BODY WISDOM and SOUL ARTistry lifestyle in support of a more mindful, co-creating, accepting, healing and loving world.

And you are listening to VENUSfrequency broadcasting frequencies and supporting energy wavesthat vibrate bright, lucid and clear, that nourish the powerful feminine aspects of all things creation.​​and when saying the feminine, not meaning gender, but the feminine principle that is living—or suppressed—in both men and women.”The power to either destroy & suppress or to heal, awaken, co-create & nourish, lies in our own vision.

DIVING INTO THE SECOND PADA, THE SADHANA PADA, as explained by one of my favorite and oh so wise, deep and experienced Teachers, Gary Kraftsow,

contemplating THE WORLD OF THE DREAMERS AND THE WISE by Marianne Williamson and HALLELUJAH, LEONARD COHEN, A JOURNEY A SONG introducing the beautiful documentary I just got to see at a screening during my press invitations AT this weeks VIENNALE Film Festival happenings in Vienna, Austria’s most important international film event, as well as one of the oldest and best-known festivals in the German-speaking world. EveryOctober, the Viennale takes place in beautiful cinemas in Vienna’s historic center, providing the festival with an international orientation and a distinctive urban flair.

So lets get our own little VENUSfrequency yogic edition weekly transcendental Festival going here with a carefully curated MusicalScore to underline our precious together time.. and on this weeks red carpet of sound vibrations of yogic, cosmic and also oh so mortal worldly flair…..

Both practical and profound, Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, yoga’s quintessential guide for the spiritual life shows us how to find peace and live with purpose.

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