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Belarus Free Theatre is a theatrical project which is exposing problems of Belorusian politics and society trough plays. Because of strong appearance they were banned in the country. Not only art, but Belarusian authorities try to abolish everything what is not within the interests of Lukashenko’s government. Just in the beginning of October they set the „Law on mass events“ that will restrict silent flash mobs, which are taking place almost every Wednesday since May. Only with silence and clapping, protesters, who’s main meanings of protest actions are social networks, are warning on unbearable economic situation. Like protesters, as well as the Belarus Free Theatre is suppressed by the authorities. As Nikolai Khalezin, art director of the theatrical project, emphasized in the interview, the main problem in Belarus is the silence, but as it seems, also silence is not allowed anymore in this dictatorial country.

More on Belarus Free Theatre at http://www.dramaturg.org/?lang=en and performance »Zone of Silence« is also available at Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUIePHP47dQ

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17. Oktober 2011
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24. Oktober 2011
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Jerneja Zavec