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Sorry We’re Open – Kultur ohne Maske
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Pandemic Prevention Programme 
Radio Hotel Europa: "Pandemic Prevention Programme" und "Homesounds"
Radio Hotel Europa: The Coolidge Effect
CultureConnected mit DJ Rosachrom Afterparty
sound X tracks-RAD Performance
20 Jahre Interstellar Records SPEZIAL
Sorry we're Open - Kombüse Spezial!
Sorry, we're open: Tamara Kolb und "Auf Ein Glas Mit"
Music-House Spezial!
In Einstimmung auf die Hörspielworkshops “Radio Hotel Europa zu vermieten!”
An introduction into the audio play workshop series “To Let: Radio Hotel Europa!”
“Die Schichtschläferin” von Antonia Manhartsberger und Antonia Biberger (Deutsch/AUT)
A woman can’t sleep in her own bed anymore, because it has “a hole”. So she spends her days finding temporary places to sleep at friends’ and colleagues’, who work at night. The story is told through dialogue, music and athmospheric sound.
“Ground Up” by Fiona Glen (English/UK)
October 2019: environmental protests are erupting all across London. Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked roads, glued themselves to aeroplanes and banks, and taken over Trafalgar Square. But this isn’t a story about XR. Scattered by movement through and around the protests, five objects go unseen on the city streets, and each has a story to tell. These unexpected narrators share very different perspectives, looking from the ground up. Looking from the angle of disposable things; gum, glue, chalk; ‘Ground Up’ shows how ‘throwaway’ objects are often grounded in timescales far beyond humankind.
“Safety First”, (English/UK) by Natalie Winter / Ragged Foils Productions
A woman finds herself stuck in a place with only an automated voice talking to her. She is trying to escape the (unknown) place, but communication between the voice assistant and the protagonist keeps breaking down.
This project is supported by Museumsbund Österreich. 
Nicolas Ledun feat. Fräulein Astrid und M-Tight – Lächeln und Winken
Candlelight Ficus – What’s coming?
Grand Hotel Schilling – Ich denke nicht


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