VENUSfrequency yogic edition 07 MAY 2021 | sutra 1.36 | shivoham | four agreements

  • VENUSfrequency 07 MAY 2021 | sutra 1.36 | Shivoham| four agreements
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Patanjali’s Sutra 1.36 today, SHIVOHAM and the actual details about the four agreements to continue on last weeks intro to Don Miguel RUIZ’s TOLTEC teachings.

YOGA is music of the soul BKS Iyengar used to say. So do continue, and the gates of the soul will open.

So do stick around, to hang out together in all kinds of yogic contemplations, and joyfulness

underlined by a carefully curated playlist handselected by me for you, withlove… see Creative Common entry below..

and GAP Between two thoughts sometimes

You are beneath the thinker.

You are the stillness beneath the mental noise.

You are the love and joy beneath the pain.

Fascinated with the possibility of the state of ‘I am eternal. I am pure. I am intelligent. I am free, I am unbounded consciousness”. and well, I am annemarie of VENUSfrequency, living and sharing a pop|culture way of the YOGA, MEDITATION, HOLISTIC BODY WISDOM and SOUL ARTistry lifestyle in support of a more mindful, co-creating, accepting and loving world.

broadcasting frequencies and supporting energy waves
that vibrate bright, lucid and clear, that nourish the powerful feminine aspects of all things creation.

and when saying the feminine, not meaning gender, but the feminine principle that is living—or suppressed—in both men and women.”

The power to either destroy & surpress or to heal, awaken, co-craete & nourish, lies in our own vision.

Oh dearests out there, Thank you for tuning in, becoming aware, achieving self mastery, selflessness, seeking to serve other’s together and practicing humility, non-attachment and letting go, … and as BKS Iyengar already forsaw our current situation years ago… he said,

YOU DO NOT NEED to seek freedom in some distant land. For everything already exists within your own body, heart, mind and soul.

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