Pete Smith – A New Yorker’s Love for Austria

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73. Sendung (Erstausstrahlung: 24. März 2021 bei ORANGE 94.0)

Pete Smith – A New Yorker’s Love for Austria

This edition of “Music Across” is for once being presented in English, because New York guitar player Pete Smith, who developed his love for Austria since his very first visit in 2008, will be talking about his appreciation for Austria, fund raising for music in Europe and in the US, touring here and there, CD sales, vinyl versus the digital age, “sausaged” music, the loss of respect for dynamic music among the younger people, and his early musical roots.

The interview has been recorded already in 2016, but the topics are certainly of current interest as well. In fact, a number of issues are even more pressing right now during the time of the corona pandemics, making life in the music scene much more difficult everywhere around the globe. People are hungrier than ever for enjoying live music on stage. We are all looking very much forward to a flourishing exchange between musicians across borders, which will hopefully be possible soon again.

For sure this topic is interesting on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, and I would like to share this radio show with people both in Austria and the in United States, contributing a little bit to bringing music lovers on both sides of the big pond closer together also during this difficult time we have now been facing for more than a year already.

Stay tuned, and hope to see you soon !


Tin Pan, The Israelites (Desomond Dekker), CD Baby 2016

Tin Pan, Bring It On Down To My House (Bob Wills), CD Baby 2016

Tin Pan, Tremendous Gift (Jesse Selengut), CD Baby 2016

Grupo Los Santos, Rumba Para Kaori (Paul Carlon), OA2 Records 2012

Grupo Los Santos, Boogie Down Broder (Paul Carlon), Deep Tone Records 2007

Phil Bowler & Pocket Jungle, Time Released (Pete Smith), ZOHO Music L.L.C. 2014

Produced & presented by Gernot Friedbacher

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