VENUSfrequency yogic edition 19 MAR 2021 | sutra 1.30 | the gunas | the goal of yoga

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arriving at Patanjali’s Sutra 1.30 today, the inability to stay grounded, the NINE obstacles aka distractions or confusions to the mind.

I have to admit, I binged on a little coffee the past few days, but I am off it again. Trying to find my way to the more satvic me. So, lets look at those GUNAs together, sattva, tamas, raja while also finishing up that last little part of the chapter, “the goal of yoga”, as explained by Edwyn F. Bryant in his book, the yoga sutras of Patanjali.

#THANKyou for choosing to journey together again, whatever version of it you find yourself on,  on a day like today.

Lets take the risk of entering the ocean together,
because maybe the individual and collective fear will disappear,
because maybe we will know
it’s not about disappearing into the ocean,
but of becoming the ocean together.

VENUSfrequency, living and sharing a pop|culture way of the YOGA, MEDITATION, HOLISTIC BODY WISDOM and SOUL ARTistry lifestyle in support of a more mindful, co-creating, accepting and loving world.

broadcasting frequencies and supporting energy waves
that vibrate bright, lucid and clear, that nourish the powerful feminine aspects of all things creation.

and when saying the feminine, not meaning gender, but the feminine principle that is living—or suppressed—in both men and women.”

The power to either destroy & surpress or to heal, awaken, co-craete & nourish, lies in our own vision.

Lets dance along that path together…
from the peaks of the mountains,
the long winding road crossing forests and villages and that ocean and universe, so vast,…


LOVE is the music….

and these are our musical LOVERs today…

see CBA common title listing

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