• TLVFest: Wigstock 2010 – Panel Discussion
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Eine Diskussion mit Filmemacher Assaf (Shabi) Gatenio und Ziona Patriot, Miss Laila Carry, Kay Long, Osh-ree, King Jonj und Elinor Abargil zum Thema Aufstand der Dragqueens -und kings in Tel Aviv und die Szene allgemein. Auch ein Dragking kommt zu Wort und erklärt uns seine Sicht der Dinge (Thema: weniger Dragkings als Dragqueens, Probleme der Akzeptanz etc.).

Diese Veranstaltung fand nach der Weltpremiere des Films „Wigstock 2010 – The Resurrection“ von Shabi Gatenio statt.

Hier eine kurze Synopsis:
Bringing back politically charged Wigstock is enough of a high strung event, let alone when it involves dozens of drag queens and drag kings trying to get into the picture. This film tries to answer many questions: Who turned off the power at the most critical moment? How do you build a line up for dozens of performers without stepping on any wigs? Who fled in anger only to come back? Are drag queens bitchier than the rest of us? And what is the connection between drag and HIV? After eight years of absence, Wigstock returns to Tel Aviv, and just when you thought you knew everything about the drag world in Israel, you are about to be surprised. Big time.

In Hebräisch.

Sendungsgestaltung: Ursula Raberger