26/04/2020 – B(A)D News #33

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In dieser Sendung hört ihr eine gekürzte Version der April Ausgabe von B(A)D News. Die komplette Sendung findet ihr im Link weiter unten.

Welcome to the 33rd edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for April, 2020. A report from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios.

If you’d like to get involved in the network or want to hear more – send an email to a-radio-network (ät) riseup.net.
Check out all the shows look for the a-radio-network collection on archive.org or at our website, a-radio-network.org.


1) Črna Luknja sharing a thought on how does corona virus influence our society and thoughts on how to intervene politically in state of emergency – from Federation for Anarchist Organizing from Slovenia and part of Croatia.
2) 105fm (Mytilene, Lesvos) for the general situation in Lesvos,situation in Moria camp and hunger strike in Moria’s prison.
3) The Final Straw Radio sharing a short description of recent covid-19 subjects in the US and some commentary by anarchist prisoner Sean Swain on how to make it through isolation more safely.
4) R.O.S.E. (Athens) with updates and news from Athens.
5) A-Radio Berlin on a commentary about the global situation these days.
6) Free Social Radio 1431AM (Thessaloniki) about
• the cut of power supply in BIO.ME. (an occupied and self-organized factory in Thessaloniki)
• movements and struggles in prisons during the quarantine and corona-virus.
• repression in so-called Greece during the quarantine and corona-virus.
• arrests of Kurdish and Turkish comrades in Athens.
• evictions of migrant’s “home” squats.
7) Dissident Island (London) focuses on issues around housing in the UK, discussing moves the state has made to protect landlords, the lip service paid to renters and homeless folk, and the self organised solutions that are emerging through rent strike and mutual aid groups.
8) Frequenz A with an interview with somebody of the anarchist network Dresden (germoney) about their initiative in their neighborhood during the convid 19 crisis.
9) Radiofragmata (Athens) with an introduction on the socio-political situation and struggles in greek territory.

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