VENUSfrequency yogic edition 05 FEB 2021 | sutra 1.25 | omniscience | seated asanas

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 05 FEB 2021 | sutra 1.25 | seated postures
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Yoga is a practice of getting people outside just the structure of their physical body and understanding that they are also energetical and spiritual bodies

yoga comes from a solid foundation

yoga is a state of being

yoga is science of mind

yoga is union

what we think about union is any type of creation

union of heartbeat and breath

union of yourself your soul and the divine soul

there is this path that we are on

to connect to something that is greater than ourselves

you can call it the universe, you can call it god, you can call it nature, higher power, the DIVINE

its not that yoga makes you starting to believe in a god, yoga is letting you explore a philosophy that lets you dig deeper and be who you are, with respect and let you understand in your own way that you are divinity and therefore divinity is out there.

connecting mind, body, soul

it’s a vibration, as yogis we always try to vibrate higher,

the more we experience divinity and trust, and being able to trust, the more real and involved we become

contemplations by the beautiful, powerful KATEKUSS, one of My TEACHERS, of the Bihar YOGA NIDRA lineage

oh, if it was just me that was coming from a solid foundation, I on my part am rather falling Apart and vibrating in a more lost sense these days, in this spiritual energetic body of mine.

Oh let me dig deep, let me be union of heartbeat and breath and be divine soul, on this journey, this this path of healing, of remembrance, becoming more real, involved and someday able to fully trust again.

And you are listening VENUSfrequency, living and sharing a pop|culture way of the YOGA, MEDITATION and humanENERGYworker lifestyle,

insupport of a more mindful and healing world…

I live my daydreams in music

I see my life in terms of music

I get most joy in life out of music…


so, lets daydream and be joyful together in MUSIC





@nhiimusic and #peppermint







#carefullycurated #withlove

hoping to find each other again through this twisted maze of all the ways our hearts have been broken in the past,

continuing the deep dive into sutra 1.25, which also then invites the question, if an all-encompassing, pervasive awareness is possible?… and a study of SEATED POSTURES

Can we find our VOICE


OUR LOVE again

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