„1770: from Chatterton to Wordsworth … and Beethoven!“

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  • "1770: from Chatterton to Wordsworth ... and Beethoven!"
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Playlist: texts read and music played

1. Wordsworth on Chatterton
2. Keats on Chatterton
3. Dr Johnson on Chatterton
4. Chatterton: ‚Song from Aella‘
5. George Butterworth: ‚The Banks of Green Willow‘
6. Peter Ackroyd: extracts from the novel ‚Chatterton‘
7. Massenet: Pourquoi me reveiller? (from the opera ‚Werther‘)
8. Frank Bridge: ‚There is a willow grows aslant a brook‘
9. Alfred de Vigny: extract from the drama ‚Chatterton‘
10. Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (4th. movement)
11. Wordsworth: from ‚The Prelude‘ (Book X)
12. Beethoven: Symphony no. 7 (2nd. movement)
13. Wordsworth: ‚My heart leaps up….‘
14. Wordsworth: from ‚The Solitary Reaper‘
15. Wordsworth: ‚Rob Roy’s Grave‘
16. 1809: Kampfszene am Pass Strub
17. Wordsworth: extracts from 4 sonnets on Andreas Hofer
18. Music: Zu Mantua in Banden
19. Beethoven/ Burns: ‚Once More I Hail Thee‘ (An Ode to Gloomy December)
20. Beethoven on scratching out his dedication to Napoleon on the title page of the 3rd. Symphony (‚Eroica‘)
21. Wordsworth: from ‚The Prelude‘ (Book XI)
22. Beethoven: Wellingstons Sieg (extracts)
23. Wordsworth: ‚On a Portrait of the Duke of Wellington…‘
24. Wordsworth: ‚The Siege of Vienna raised…‘
25. Beethoven: from a letter to his friend Hauschka
26. Beethoven/ Burns: ‚Bonny Laddie, Highland Laddie‘
27. Dr Othmar Costa: review of concert of Beethoven Lieder, March 1982
28. Beethoven/ Walter Scott:’The Massacre of Glencoe‘
29. Wordsworth: from ‚The Prelude‘ (Book VI)
30. Beethoven: ein schottisches Lied (!)

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