A Keep On Rockin Radio Orange Special

Keep on Rockin’
  • A Rockabilly Rules Keep On Rockin Special with Otto Fuchs
Jerry Lee Lewis - Last Man Standing - featuring Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Elvis & Co
A Tribute to Bill Haley by Biographer Otto Fuchs for Radio Orange!
The Elvis Presley Conspiracy “A Rockabilly Radio Rules – Remember Elvis & Keep On Rockin´ Special” Vol.2 on Radio Orange 94,0 FM Vienna
The Elvis Presley Conspiracy - A Keep On Rockin´ Special by and with Otto Fuchs
DJ Otto Martin Fuchs - A Salute To The Stars
A Keep On Rockin´ Crazy Cavan Tribute by Host & DJ Otto Fuchs
Keep On Rockin´ Special for The Girl Can´t Help It - DJ Otto Fuchs salutes Jayne Mansfield!
Keep On Rockin´ Christmas Special 2019
Keep On Rockin´ - November 2019

Keep On Rockin´ The Roots Rock & Roll and Rockabilly Programme on Radio Orange – Das Freie Radio in Wien – with DJ & Host Otto Fuchs!


On the air on & off on American Oldies and Rockabilly Station Rock It Radio Post Falls / Idaho: Otto Fuchs finally hosts a music & talk programme on Radio Orange – Das Freie Radio Wien 94,0.

Covering in numerous programmes the sub-niche´s of a niche music nowadys – Roots Rock & Roll and Rockabilly, including Classic First Era Genaration Rock & Roll (1954-1963), as well as more obscure First Generation Rockabilly Stars, as well as the Stars of the Rockabilly Reival. Plus mainstream artists of today´s scene, as only rockin´ scene reknowns.

Every second Monday a month on Orange 94,0 Vienna at 23:00h Central European Time.

For requests and dedications or if you´d like to guest in an upcoming Keep On Rockin´ Programme – write the programme´s host and musical editor Otto Fuchs at keep-on-rockin@o94.at

Archiv-URL der Sendereihe: https://cba.fro.at/series/keep-on-rockin

PODCAST-URL der Sendereihe: https://cba.fro.at/series/keep-on-rockin/feed

Programm von: Otto Martin Fuchs

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