VENUSfrqeucncy yogic edition I sutra 1.18, book HUMANkind, gayatri mantra

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition I sutra 1.18, book HUMANkind, gayatri mantra
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When the yogi experiences that endless happiness (SUkHA) which is grasped by the discriminating faculty (buddhi) but beyond the grasp of the senses, he remains fixed in this state and never strays from the truth.. This state, free from any trace of suffering is called yoga. (VI 21-23) BhagaVAT Gita

and in case you ask about what a buddhi is (its a Noun) A transpersonal faculty of mind higher than the rational mind that might be translated as ‚intuitive intelligence‘ or simply ‚higher mind‘. It is ‚that which knows‘, ie. able to discern truth from falsehood.

This is ANNEMARIE sometimes experiencing this exact mentioned endless happiness, trying my utmost best to never stray from the truth,

and therefore sometimes being called a helpless idealist,

and beyond of the grasp of the senses,

freeing from any trace of suffering is a state of my ever undiscriminating explorations.


living and sharing a pop|culture way of the YOGA, MEDITATION and humanENERGYworker lifestyle, insupport of a more mindful and healing world…

sutra 1.18, more gayatri mantra explanations and project introductios, as well as the dabbling in contemplations of the possibilities of a NEW REALISM – sparked by the book I am currently sticking my nose into and already quoting out of a lot in classes, my social media circus and conversations -HUMANkind, a hopeful history by the brilliant beautiful mind, Rutger Bregman.

Yay thank you for taking time to hang out together and all this hangout and openmind hang out time is underlined for you my beloved listener by carefully curated new and realistic tunes by these souls of high vibrancy….

TODAY these are… see CBA Creative Commons Titel Listing below.

and than you Christine CHICKEN CEBEE, Eva Comino and Andrea myriel demmel for your musical contributions to this playlist. Love it! Please do send me recommendations of books, music, quotes, thoughts, teachings, mantras, you own articles and publications, anytime… I love collaborations and communications with you, out there.

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