VENUSfrequency yogic edition I sutra 1.16 I japa meditation I Element fire

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„Singing to Radha, we become Radha, the Goddess, the most intimate companion of lord Krishna, the manifestation of divine love… We meet our beloved late at night in the grove of our heart, and we lose ourselves in that meeting. Radhe Radhe.“ ~ Jai Uttal

The Sanskrit term Rādhā means „prosperity, success“. It is a common word and name found in various contexts in the ancient and medieval texts of India. Radha is the name of the gopi who is the beloved of Krishna.

this is ANNEMARIE in Rhada, prosperity and success, meeting my beloved companion late at night, and losing myself in that meeting, that manifestation of divine love.

and you are listening to VENUSfrequency,

living and sharing a pop|culture way of the YOGA, MEDITATION and humanENERGYworker lifestyle, insupport of a more mindful and healing world

Vienna as well as the world needs healing and so do I… lets take on that divine responsibility of healing and do it together, for each other and for the sake of humanity and this beautiful earth. When will we realize our calling is to be guardians of this earth and each other.

ON Healing from walk the earth

One of the first steps towards true healing is to completely and radically accept your current circumstances, no matter how much you wish they were different. Accept the disappointments, the failures, the heartaches.

And know that accepting something is not the same thing as being okay with it. It simply means that you no longer deny the situation for what it really is. Then once you truly accept the place you are in, you can start to change where you are going.

(and that is where you’ll bloom)

hey, talking about HEALING, I am so excited to share with you that my TEDxVienna talk is finally online and available in the TED Library.

Just google, Annemarie VENUSfrequency, #TEDxVienna, the title to the Talk is About taking on responsibility & adventures within. I have just posted the link on the VENUSfrequency facebook page too. Please watch it, share it through all your networks, comment on the #YouTube portal and help inspire the world to take on responsibility for our healing.

today, SUTRA 1.16, Element FIRE as we start going into winterseason, and some more GAYATRI MANTRA and my daily fee GAYATRI MANTRA project which you can find via

THANK you for for tuning in. you are amazing and remember to be in a hurry for nothein and stay ready to receive all the ancient and contemporary wisdoms of todays show underlind by these carfefully curated world contemporary tunes by this extraordinary circle of musicians, artists, tribe of creators. …

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