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Glazba protiv vetrenjača – Musik gegen Windmühlen
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Hello ev’rybody, as I greet thee to our show, broadcasting from Vienna’s own Radio Orange…. the greatest Community radio in the German-speaking-world.

Ev’rybody on board? Or on broad, eh? A brand new AMMAR 808 release must have already knocked you out. If it ain’t it’s a gourmet co-recorded live by South Indian singers and musicians* and mashed up by Tunisian-Belgian producer Sofyann Ben Youssef. It will make your mind go yo-yo… Clubbed by fine dancy electronica, an album „Global Control/Invisible Invasion“ just released by Glitterbeat is a bit angular but still funky and highly enjoyable outing. Perhaps a tune „Marivere gati“ answers what would happen if qawwali went Bitches Brew. You tell me.

For a good measure, I killed it with indie newbies from always interesting Croatian Adriatic, namely nemanja and Valentino Bošković, both exerting our hips to their indie disco on their ripe albums – Cosmic Disco and Velika praska, respectively. Summer is yet past behind us, but as autumn still grooves all around the barometer, I had to bounce your asses, folks, with theeese… As nemanjas conceptual album is derived from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, I opted for an opening track „Dew Yan“, while Valentino preferred a Big Bang metaphor to the climax of a night at the dancefloor, hence I just let „Mala praska“, a tongue-in-cheek title song.

though, I preferred Çhâñt Élečtrónïqùe’s debut album to present at my deepest. Their first single „Kamen gori“ shows a joint venture of Croat, Belgian and Portuguese producers present polyphonic singing coated in folktronica. An overall folkish vibe echoing with post-dubstep-era trip-hop sets up for an inviting „Quando Eu Era Pequenina“ that already shook some airplay in Portugal for an album coming up by November 6th. Lyrics supported by either Croat or Portuguese female vocals open up to the great cultural synthesis of fado and sevdah, altho it gripped with this listener like some sort of anthemic spirituality…


* Highfiving my friend Hans Kulisch and t/his tendency to spike dancefloor with ritual and grooves that get physical. R.I.P. Hannes : )

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