• For Those About To Rock | Jul 19/2020 | Ein Sommer ohne Festivals
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Verschoben und abgesagt! 🚫

Die meisten Rock- und Metal-Festivals sind mittlerweile abgesagt oder verschoben worden. ☹️ Aber werden sie im Herbst stattfinden? Hoffentlich. Aaron schaut sich die Situation genauer an und spielt 100 % österreichischen Metal!



Mentioned and played:
Kill The Lycan
A New Chapter
Sic Semper Tyrannis
A Memory Misread
Pain Is
Under Destruction
A Caustic Fate
Liquid Steel
Vinegar Hill
Death Rising
Raze Your Gods

Metalnight Outbreak Szene Festival Vol. #6
Metalnight Outbreak Festival Vol.8
AREA 53 Festival
Kaltenbach Open Air
Metal On The Hill
Innrock reloaded festival
Rise Up Festival

Rock on!
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Fremdmaterial in For Those About To Rock | Jul 19/2020 | Ein Sommer ohne Festivals
Resilience by Black Inhale ©
Dissociation by Black Inhale ©
Sanctuary by Kill The Lycan ©
Morpheus by Kill The Lycan ©
The Ripper by Death Rising ©
Edging Sanity by Raze your Gods ©
This Is the Life (Live) by Vertilizar ©
Broken Castle by A New Chapter ©
The Forbidden Place by Sic Semper Tyrannis ©
The Silent Witness by Thesis ©
Point of View by A Memory Misread ©
Take the Sky by A Memory Misread ©
Mitten Ins Licht by Silencer ©
Fackeln Am Mars - Remaster by Silencer ©
Today by Pain Is ©
Never Walk Alone by Pain Is ©
Stratos by Skyshape ©
The End by Under Destruction ©
Deadlines by a caustic fate ©
Gangsta\\\'s Paradise by Artas ©
Nightchild by Liquid Steel ©
Ride Through The Sky by Darkfall ©
Last Piece of Me by Vinegar Hill ©
Cult of Death by Stormrage ©
Decisions by We Blame The Empire ©
Confessions by Before Us All ©
For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) by AC/DC ©
HiFiBrutality by Jason Shaw (Link) (cc by 3.0 )
Rocker by Jason Shaw (Link) (cc by 3.0 )
LongLiveDeath by Jason Shaw (Link) (cc by 3.0 )