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Chra is the alter ego of the Viennese author, DJ, music addict and radio/TV presenter Christina Nemec. After a period of experimenting with low frequencies and noise effects, chra started to work on sine waves processed through a tape recorder and other analogue and digital tools to allude to landscapes, territories, silence and extraordinary and extreme situations. chra is part of female:pressure network and runs her own queer and feminist music label comfortzone.

At once designed and falling apart SEAMONS is rough and crude, a stumbling and staggering electronic expedition where nothing presents itself explicit in intent. It’s a tense obscure record that teases you into it’s peculiar vortex from it’s suggestive nature of exploring the enigma beyond it’s haunted facade.


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cast(oro) by chra ©
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10. Juli 2020
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16. Juli 2020
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10. Juli 2020, 21:00
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