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Music and the stories behind it, this show will be featuring a variety of wonderful musicians, singers and producers. Poetry written during a workshop discussing ’how we feel in this country‘, this is ‚wider den gleichsprech‘, a project of Vlatka Frketić.
From „ON A QUEST“, recorded in Abudja/Nigeria in a studio where kids from the street can learn how to produce their music to Empress piru‘s ‚schweiz halt‘s maul’ – shout out to the right wing not only but also in Switzerland. From Mimi Mercedez, Serbias‘s feminist rap icon singing against judgement and demanding payment for women‘s work that include body and sexuality to Iva Olo who not only supports young people, most of them with migrant backgrounds, to create their own music but also uses her talent in music for a song about picking yourself up from the floor and celebrating. These and many more we will present to you.
You will hear Gorji Marzban‘s poem about ’Coming and leaving‘ as well as a short part of a performance by Danilo Jovanović. Just for this show Iva Marković will read again her poem ‚Zusammen oder getrennt‘.
Get inspired by Sonita Alizadeh‘s ’my aunt rapps better in her kitchen than you‘ and
claim the waves – claim the stage

Radio cricket: Iva Sultanija, Louis Helga

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Who I Am by Mavi Phoenix (LLT Records) ©
Tvoji starci me vole by U pol\' 9 kod Sabe (Aquarius Records) ©
Stories On Sale by Petra und der Wolf (Siluh Records) ©
LITTLE GIRL feat Nire & Nani Castle by GNUČČI (GNUCCI) ©
ON A QUEST ft. Enesi x DjTruble x Oluwadeenzy x Xplendor ft. Enesi x DjTruble x Oluwadeenzy x Xplendor by G-Row (ON A Quest) ©
schweiz halt\'s maul by empress piru (unrecords) ©
Wolfsong (live loop version) by Iva Olo (Iva Olo) ©
Bakšiš by Mimi Mercedez (Universal Music) ©
Riječke pičke by Le Zbor (Dirty Old Records) ©
Get Lost by Sonita Alizadeh (Afghan Smart) ©
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