An audio postcard from the British Isles: Women’s Aid and Black History Matters

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I am sending an audio postcard from lockdown London to spread the word about two issues: firstly, the coronavirus crisis has seen an increase in domestic violence against women: in the UK, in Ireland and globally. Female Irish artists, Mary Black and Friends, got together to support Women’s Aid Ireland. How? They connected virtually to perform the song ‘No Frontiers’ which is available on TG4’s youtube channel. Looking at the UK, the grassroots federation Women’s Aid England then provides insight into their crucial and underfunded work. Secondly, part II focuses on a History Acts event, no 23 to be precise, titled Black History Matters. To start this Zoom event two activists share their knowledge and experience on this topic, then two historians respond. Here we hear activist Jabu-Nala Hartley, Black Lives Matter/co-founder of Oxford Anti-Racist City, and historian Dr Christienna Fryar, lecturer in Black British History at Goldsmiths, University of London. Last, but not least: you might want to know that the ‘unofficial jingle’ that I use for this show is a snippet from ‘BARDO’, check it out on The Feminist Library youtube.

Mary Black and Friends, No Frontiers, in aid of Women’s Aid Ireland on TG4 youtube:
Women’s Aid Ireland
Women’s Aid UK
video ‘#Support Survivors urgent appeal’
(credits: Reynold Brothers and Women’s Aid)
video ‘How can you help someone experience domestic abuse’ (credit: Women’s Aid)
History Acts 23 Black History Matters
The Feminist Library ‘BARDO’: Audio Walk London
The Feminist Library

Sendungsgestaltung: Barbara Rassi

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