VENUSfrequency yogic edition 17 APR 2020 I Chadogya Upanishad & know thySELF

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 17 APR 2020 I chadogya upanishad & knowing thySELF
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this is annemarie,… Inspired greatly by the wisdom of the ancient texts, the sages, the rishis, the priests and priestesses, shamans, peacemakers and healers. transmitting my best healing energies because I am in exact mathematical frequency and vibration with nature and the universe, because at our deepest truest realest core, WE ALL ARE.

and You are listening to VENUSfrequency,

living and sharing

a pop|culture way of the YOGA, Meditation & ENERGYworker lifestyle,

… in support of a more mindful and healing world

and sacred sounds calling upon HOPE, RIVERS, Gobinday Mukunday, a serpent and A BlackBird, Brahman, a compass, the here…now and Eden make up this show’s #carefully curated playlist assisted with by these spirit souls …





@sadasatk SADAsatKAUR




@yogaMAYAnewyork and @gauraVANI



so incredibly grateful for your tunes and good company ….

Still sticking my nose into the UPANISHADES,

(we are on to the Chandogya Upanishad)

and also contemplating new frontiers, new responsibilities and realizing our potential, redefining what it means to be a fully enabled, fully capacitated human,

for that offering up sparks of wisdom by modern day mystics such as Yogi Bhajan, Eckart Tolle and my current favorite voice of reason…

…. as Gregg Braden says in the foreword for Joe Dispenza’s book

– becoming supernatural –

“ONCE we have a direct experience of a greater potential, it frees us to embrace that potential in our everyday lives”

oh and yes, our mantra study of today

Gobinday Mukanday


Those who depart from this world without knowing who they are or what they truly desire have no freedom Here or HereAfter.

But those who leave here knowing who they are and what they truly desire have freedom everywhere, both in this world and the next. THE CHADOGYA UPANISHAD

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