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Panel 2: Tensions in Reconciling Quality and Participation

From Storytelling to Participation – some notes on Radio Robin Hood’s practices

Abstract: The existence of community radio is depending on the participation of people. To get people to participate and to keep them motivated is always a demanding task, especially for a small-scale community radio, like Radio Robin Hood with only a few persons as regular employees and very limited financial resources. Nevertheless in two reports published by Finland´s Ministry of Transport and Communications on license-dependent radio supply in Finland 2005 and 2009, Radio Robin Hood was in the top three of the channels of the most diverse content supply. Very often fear of technology and undervaluation of one’s own opinions and subjects are the first problems in program making. To tackle technical problems, Radio Robin Hood has produced a very user-friendly technology, i.g. softwares for broadcast and program making means. Thus one can make one´s voice heard simply by pressing a few keys. Training in production skills continues as long as the program maker continues at the radio station. The aim of the training is to promote program makers personal abilities and self-confidence, to make them rely on their inherent storytelling skills. The criteria for quality assessment of radio programs are varying in Robin Hood. It can be said that each program maker creates his or hers own target group(s). The output is mainly estimated in relation to the program maker (a beginner or more advanced maker, how does program maker succeeded in producing of desired content etc.?) and in relation to the program policy of alternative media (supporting or less supporting impact)

Where Quality Starts and Democracy Ends

Abstract: Nowadays everybody has the possibility to be a media-maker. Great! But without a certain quality standard no sustainable public interest can be created. Quality standards don’t grow like wild flowers. They have to be imparted. One of the easiest and most effective tool is feedback.

Talking about quality in non-commercial broadcasting – first outcomes of a swiss/German/Austrian dialogue