VENUSfrequency yogic edition 10 APR 2020 I the mortal and immortal

  • VENUSfrequency yogic edition 10 APR 2020 I the mortal and immortal
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As a #caterpillar, having come to the blade of one grass, draws itself together and reaches out for the next, so the Self, having come to the end of one life and dispelled all ignorance, gathers in its faculties and reaches out from the old body to a new.


 this is annemarie

Drawing myself together

Reaching out for the next

Trying my sincerest to dispel all ignorance and gathering my faculties to reach out from the old to a NEW… and You are listening to VENUSfrequency,

I have been gathering some beautiful sound creations again…  for you, dear bright shining souls and spiritual gangsters on your paths, listening from far away and oh so close,

… lets journey together again in “klang”, word, contemplations, joining in simple living and high thinking, underlined by this #carefullycurated playlist mentioned in order and also found identical on spotify, just like VENUSfrequency on facebook and instagram and ask for links to particular shows, ill send them to you…






@moreiramusic and @manu_dibango_officiel

@pjharveyofficial and @thomyorke







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