• Abida Parveen - Porträt einer pakistanischen Sufi-Sängerin
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Abida Parveen is known for the dazzling quality of her voice and her vivid musical imagination allied to her utterly feminine sensibility, all used to tell the Beloved the states His love makes us endure. She is the only female singer in South Asia to achieve such popularity in the area of Sufi music which was dominated by the male singers till now. A real cult is now devoted to Abida, proof indeed of the way this immense artist gives herself over entirely to her public in her music; so long as they demand it, she is ready to go on giving the best of her gifts to serve the Word of the Sufi saints. Sometimes she will linger on a low note, sometimes she’ll rise to dizzy heights with oval ornaments of dazzling virtuosity; she seems to be in a state of ecstatic communion with her audience, inspired by an energy coming directly from Him whose praises she

Sendungsgestaltung: Sarita Jenamani

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