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Philosophical and social-political thoughts on #Corona

The text is written and performed by Romina Achatz- who is currently in quarantine in Vienna, March 2020


In her text she is drawing a social politically framework of Corona.

The Austrian Podcast Fem*Poem (gr. poiēma, „The process of making; production, creation; creativity“, poiēo „I do/ I make“) holds space for the beauty of literature, activism, body politics, queerness and feminism. A show to affect and inspire each other- produced by Romina Achatz. Voices of international writers, poets, philosophers, artists, rappers, thinkers.

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#Vienna #Philosophy #Sociology #Socialpolitics #Coronavirus #COVID19

 #Austria #Quarantine

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20. März 2020
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20. März 2020
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20. März 2020, 14:12
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