• RoR - THE GRUNGE YEARS Pt. I (1/3) (Ep. 016 / 17 Nov 2018)
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In the mid-1980s, a local scene in and around Seattle, Washington began to emerge and spawned a variety of bands similar to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal ten years before. Heavily influenced by punk, metal and classic rock alike, these bands generated a multitude of sounds that were unique and unheard-of.

Groups like Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam became the most well-known and commercially most successful representatives of the „Seattle scene“ which exploded into the mainstream by 1991 with Nirvana’s seminal release „Nevermind“.

In this multi-part special we’ll take a deep dive into the genesis of the Seattle music scene and its progenitors up to the change brought upon this community by the media hype and mainstream exposure.

There’s a ton of great music along the way, too.

Part One: The years 1985-89.




INTRO: Mudhoney – No One Has (live)

Green River – Come on Down
Green River – Swallow My Pride
Green River – Ride of Your Life
Green River – Tunnel of Love

U-Men – They
U-Men – Dig It a Hole

Melvins – Scared
Melvins – Blessing the Operation
Melvins – Grinding Process
Melvins – She Waits

Black Flag – Rise Above
Black Flag – Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
Iggy & The Stooges – Search and Destroy

Vampire Lezbos – Stop Killing the Seals
Yellow Snow – Take Me for a Ride
The Ones – Talk to Me

Skin Yard – Throb
Skin Yard – The Birds

Malfunkshun – With Yo‘ Heart (Not Yo‘ Hands)
Malfunkshun – Stars-N-You

KISS – Strutter
KISS – Got to Choose


*** tbc in Pt. I (2/3) ***