• "Writers in Exile". Sarita Jenamani, a writer herself, on Migrant Poets
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On wandering Muses

Statistics shows that almost eighty percent of worldÂ’s refugees are women and children and yet their struggle to make themselves listen is going on. Women writers from Afganistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria, Congo are either living as refugees or are in exile and trying to nourish their voices as individuals rather than becoming merely personas of mothers, sisters, wives or daughters. Do they experience exile differently than their male counterparts? Why these women themselves cut the umbilical cord from the institutions which define them? What happens to them in terms of their self-esteem, individualisation etc. Are they suceeded in achieving reedom, or get unconsioucly trapped into another snare? The feature about women writers writing in exile tries to find an answer.

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27. September 2005
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