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  • 2020 02 Medicine, the new virus from China
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The new virus from China, your questions

What do we know today, the day of the recording of this broadcast, January 28, 2020, about the new virus from China? Should we be concerned? According to current knowledge: The new coronavirus is to be taken seriously. You should keep up-to-date. However: A panic is not necessary. And, no guarantee, and yet, at the moment, it looks as if this danger will be over within a few months. In 2021, it seems, we will have mastered this danger.
How can you protect yourself today? Wash your hands! Wash your hands several times a day.
How can you protect others today should you believe that you are infected with the new virus? Call the outpatient clinic of a hospital, inform the hospital of your suspicion and only then go the outpatient clinic of the hospital.
The following questions will also be answered in this broadcast. What is a virus? What is a coronavirus? What is the new coronavirus from China? How long has the new coronavirus been around? Since when have people been infected with the new coronavirus? How is the new coronavirus transmitted? How easily is the new virus transmitted? How long is the incubation period of the new virus? What are the symptoms of an infection with the new virus? Am I going to die of this virus should I become infected? How many deaths occurred to date? Is the new coronavirus present in other countries or only in China? Is there a laboratory test for the new virus? Are there any medicinal drugs against the new virus? Is there a vaccine for the new virus? What is the standard treatment, the standard of care, for an infection with the new virus? Are China, respectively, Austria prepared in case infections with the new virus become widespread? How do the authorities in Austria react today if there is a suspected case? Is the reporting of infections mandatory in Austria? Who would be quarantined in Austria? Will infected patients recover? Is there a travel warning for China? Why do new viruses often come from the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and especially from China? Is a pandemic possible today?


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