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The Harmattan Show is hosted by Ayotheartist. It’s committed to broadcasting the unifying diverse sounds and people that make up subcultures ranging from the African diaspora music to New Age Electronica.

It encourages conversations, providing discovery, and supporting the creatives that occupy its infrastructure. As the world increasingly becomes more digitally connected, political and social tensions are rife, Harmattan’s acts as a creative component breaking down cultural and political barriers through music.

Nigeria gained its independence on Oct, 1st 1960 from the United Kingdom. We commemorate and celebrate this resilient nation’s day of freedom by acknowledging some of the well and lesser known movers and shakers of the multifaceted country.

Fremdmaterial in Harmattan Show SE1.EP.7 THE NIGERIAN EAGLE (INDEPENDENCE DAY)
Nigerian Anthem (Jazzed Up) by Unknown (cc by 4.0 )
Akpala New Skool by Apala New Skool (cc by 4.0 )
Ritual Mix by Nigerian Storytellers (cc by 4.0 )