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  • 2019 12 Medicine, Gene tests for cancer, additonal therapies for CAD
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The first medical news today:
Precision medicine = Personalised medicine. Personalised medicine is admittedly a misleading name, because personalised medicine (as mentioned, the same as precision medicine) actually only means that genetic tests also will decide which treatment you get. The corresponding medical research was complicated, but highly interesting. And now, finally, the time has come. This research is now moving into the clinic. In the future, genetic testing will make treatments more effective. Ineffective treatments will be avoided. The first (quote unquote) “really important” clinical study of genetic testing in the treatment of cancer was conducted in 2018 in women with early-stage breast cancer. A commercially available genetic test helped to avoid an unnecessary treatment in a large subset of women with breast cancer.
The second medical news today:
The treatment of patients with coronary artery disease is well known and well established. Two add-on treatments, also known as additional therapies, were tested in 2018 in patients with coronary artery disease. There were benefits and harms from both of these add-on treatments. There was no clear conclusion.