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  • 2019 10 Medicine, Nutritional goals in the intensive care unit, Haemorrhoids
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The first medical news today:
Nutritional goals in intensive care units: The results of two very large clinical studies from 2018 indicate that efforts in intensive care units to achieve what has been called “full enteral nutrition” for patients on life support are not really necessary, especially early during their stay. The usual parenteral nutrition in intensive care units will be enough according to these results. These two clinical studies taken together indirectly support a „less is more” approach in intensive care units.
The second medical news today:
In 2018, “The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons” has updated its guideline on haemorrhoids. This updated guideline is not identical, but similar to the guidelines in German-speaking countries. The first step for patients with haemorrhoids: The patient should drink more water and eat more fibre (more fresh vegetables and fresh fruits) and receive counselling on defecation habits. The second step: Either treatment with medication or an office-based procedure, for example, haemorrhoid banding. An office-based procedure is when a doctor performs a small surgical procedure in his or her office. This updated guideline is available for everybody free-of-charge. Type into a search engine: “Haemorrhoids, updated guideline of The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons.”