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Imani Rameses, Cognitive Neuroscientist via brain and Dancer and Choreographer. At the age of 8, began her dance training deeply rooted in a rigorous Balanchine ballet foundation obtained at the Indianapolis School of Ballet. After grade school, Rameses went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from 2012-2016 at Indiana University, where she joined the African American Dance Company. There, Rameses began to cultivate a diverse repertoire of African based movement to compliment her rigorous Balanchine ballet background.

After finishing her bachelor’s studies, Rameses continued her scientific endeavors at the University of Vienna, in Vienna, Austria. There she pursued a master’s degree in cognitive neuroscience, specifying in the unique field of neuroaesthetics. With her academic focus in cognitive neuroscience, Rameses has found herself merging her world of scientific practices with the artist freedoms of dance. Now she focuses on utilizing various cognitive emotion paradigms and neuroscientific methodologies to investigate why and how humans move. Rameses utilizes the arts as a vehicle to guide her and her dancers into a more empathic domain in order to elicit more productive and authentic potentials for evaluating and sharing one’s mind through one’s body.

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