• Episode 13/08/2019
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From Johannesburg, South Africa to queer U.S. Latinx communities, women and non-binary artists are at the forefront of creating social change. How does music, art, and public spaces provide alternative spaces for political representation for marginalized communities? This show features international artists from Kuwaiti electronic music producers to U.S. queercore punk to Kazakh house music.

Sendungsgestaltung: Heather Marina Saenz


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Us by Ruby Ibarra featuring Rocky Rivera, Klassy, Faith Santilla ©
Cholita! by I’m Not a Puta (I’m a Princess) ©
Fatima al-Qadiri featuring Naygow by Qalby ©
Nazira by Shameless Dancing ©
Ana Jikia: A Mix by Ana Jikia ©
Zavoloka (Album: Volya) by Syla ©
Angel Haze by Cleaning out my closet ©
Dope Saint Jude featuring Janeli by Light of the Moon (Clair de Lune) ©