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LIVE RadioMuse Roundtable #2
hosted by Orange 94.0

RadioMuse is a project that aims to support independent local music scenes and increase their visibility. Together with Radio Študent (Ljubljana), Radio Student (Zagreb) and Radio Campus (a network of French Student Radios), Radio ORANGE 94.0 is creating a musical exchange across borders since April 2019.

We are now midterm and meet up to discuss the work in progress and future goals. On the topics music markets, indepent music in the radio and prospects of community radios.

LIVE discussion in studio of ORANGE 94.0, FRI Sept 13th 2019

Host: Žiga Pucelj
Participants: Mirna Berberović, Rosa Danner, Fanja Haibach, Nicola Horber, Emile Palmantier

More on the project and past broadcasts https://o94.at/de/projekte/RadioMuse

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RadioMuse Zu hören auf Orange 94.0
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13. September 2019
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16. September 2019
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13. September 2019, 13:00
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Rosa Danner, Žiga Pucelj/Radio Študent
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