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“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” ~ #RabindranathTagore

all about SEVA, the word, the deed, the service, to who, WHY WHAT WHERE HOW and also SEVA the festival in Vienna next weekend. We have 2 tickets to give away, for it too,…. yay.

Like VENUSfrequency on FACEbook and instagram and tag a friend who you would like to go to the SEVAfestival with.

For more info on the festival, check it out via … www.sevaindia.at

SEVA, is just an expression for our inner LOVE. – #SriSriRaviShankar
and I HAVE A special guest for you today, here with me at the studio…Sangita Ariane Wilk Sanatani
She is a representative of the upcoming SEVAindiafestival here in Vienna next weekend and who this magical statement is by…  „I see healing as a process of our becoming conscious, a constant broadening with simultaneous fairness, a clearing away of foreign parts and a growth in liveliness. Being a „pure human being“ is a goal with great unknowns – achievable as I hope by renewed devotion and willing study in humility.“

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of other’s. – #MahatmaGandhi

And in service we can lose ourselves together today in the musical contribution to this show by these artisinal companions…





@massiveattackofficial @pauloakenfold

@el_buho_music @minuk.music






Fremdmaterial in VENUSfrequency yogic edition SEP 13 2019
Pismo Ceniza by Yeahman (cc by 4.0 )
Hold On by Quetschklampfa (cc by 4.0 )
Adadgio by Egil Fzlling (cc by 4.0 )
Shelter by Raised by Mountains (cc by 4.0 )
Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack, Paul Oakenfold (cc by 4.0 )
Corazon de Rubi by El Buho, Ḿinuk (cc by 4.0 )
El Dorado by Gizmo Varillas (cc by 4.0 )
Ami Apar Hove Bose Achi by Lalon Fakir (cc by 4.0 )
Luz del Bosque by Bachan Kaur (cc by 4.0 )
Southern Sun by Paul Oakenfold, Carla Werner (cc by 4.0 )
Lucid Dream by Quetschklampfa (cc by 4.0 )
Moola Mantra by Sada (cc by 4.0 )
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