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  • 2019 09 Medicine, Kidney replacement therapy in intensive care units, Fit people get less dementia
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The first medical news today:
Three clinical studies from 2018 taken together suggest that the delayed initiation of renal replacement therapy in intensive care units is better after all and that the additional infusion of a sodium bicarbonate solution will help patients who happen to have too much acidity in their blood.

The second medical news today:
Something that many of us had already suspected: If you do not want to suffer from dementia in your old age, start training now: cardiovascular training, for example walking, or running, or swimming, or bicycling, etc. Get fitter.
An observational study of 1462 women over 44 years strongly suggests that those who are cardiovascularly fit in their middle years of life have significantly less dementia in their late years of life.
This risk can decrease up to 88%.