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This Special will give you insight in a cooperation RADIO FRO had with SOUNDS LIKE A BOOK regarding their residency BANDWIDTH you’ll hear about the residency itself through words by its co-ordinator and radio fro editor Lukas Jakob Löcker, the artists and organizers! Words mixed with sounds of their projects, field recordings from around Șona and music provided by 3 cassettes.

Sounds like a Book is a book-making and self-publishing platform founded in Bucharest Romania it focuses on the visual representation of sound with the goal, to raise interest in books and sound as mediums of artistic expression. Thus, establishing itself in the Romanian artistic community as the first attempt to bring these two mediums together. This year’s residency Bandwidth is an extension of their previous projects an artistic residency for 10 days in Șona (Brașov) that brought together 10 international artists to work on sounds and books together with experts in the field of design, sound art and people with interest in interdisciplinary artistic practices. The residency’s broad theme was communication, and its coordination content wise as well as the sound workshops and overall co-ordination was done by Lukas Jakob Löcker (Backlab).