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  • 2019 08 Medicine, Which fluid as an infusion, Do breast implants cause cancer
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The first medical news today:
For inpatients who are treated either in an emergency room of a hospital or in an intensive care unit and who need fluid as an infusion, the Ringer’s lactate solution is the better choice, compared with the 0.9% saline solution.
This is the conclusion of two very large clinical studies.
And it is a departure from previous practices.
Other large clinical studies on this question will follow.

The second medical news today:
Doctors should be on alert that breast implants can cause cancer, specifically, a malignant disease called anaplastic large cell lymphoma.
In most of these cases, however, there was a symptom around the implant. A late-onset seroma appeared, in other words, a seroma appeared several years after the breast implant had been placed.
However, the numbers are very small: 414 cases in total, compared with more than a million breast implants.
The danger is there and real, but the risk is very small.