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A man who is not on fire is nothing: he is ridiculous, he is two-dimensional. He must be on fire even if he does make a fool of himself. A flame must burn somewhere, otherwise no light shines; there is no warmth, nothing.”

CARL JUNG … who was born on this beautiful day, July 26th, and so was Stanley Kubrick, Mick Jagger, and Aldous Huxley….

This is annemarie of VENUSfrequency, always on fire and multi dimensional, full of light and warmth, but still capable of being oh so ridiculous too…. VENUSfrequency, living and sharing

a pop|culture way of the YOGA, Meditation & ENERGYworker lifestyle,

… in support of a more mindful and healthier world

as the other bday boy Aldous Huxley would say,

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.

And with that in mind, lets self improve together….

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Duality by Tumbara (cc by 4.0 )
Misguided Angel by Cowboy Junkies (cc by 4.0 )
Sun Dance by John De Kadt (cc by 4.0 )
Essence of the Sun by Nicole Conte, Spiritual Galaxy (cc by 4.0 )
Sunset Dance by Indian Calling, TCO (cc by 4.0 )
Haseya by Ajeet Kaur, Peia (cc by 4.0 )
Sahamnic Sacred Mantra - Native Chants by Native American Music World (cc by 4.0 )
Let\\\\\\\'s Turn On by LemonGrass (cc by 4.0 )
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