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RadioMuse Broadcast #7

hosted by Orange 94.0


Our 7th Broadcast of RadioMuse is coming from Vienna for the second time. Orange 94.0 is introducing to you sounds descending from garages and DIY spirit.

The first part is dedicated to Dora De Goederen bassist and drummer of Шaпκa (Schapka) and Dives. Two band projects that differ quite a bit, so our guests will introduce us to different approaches of making music in a band and to the power of Girls Rock Camps. Because both her bands arose from pink noise Girls Rock Camps. Girls Rock Camps started in 2010 in Portland (US) as empowering music week for girls, nowadays you can find them all over the world. In Austria Girls Rock Camps grew to a lively feminist music network and are a fertil soil for up and coming artists. On of De Goederens bands Шaпκa (Schapka), was founded in 2012 on the day Pussy Riot lost their law suit and went to jail. A feminist supergroup, where the political message, having fun and live performance are in the foreground. Writing a song sometimes only takes 10 minutes with Шaпκa (Schapka), whereas Dives take their time and strive toward perfection. Dives are an all female power trio, their trademark are a strong rhythm section and melodies with a recall value. You feel, the descend from Garage and Riot Girl sounds with heavy base lines, driving drums and a noisy guitar. But they move their sound significantly towards Indie Pop with catchy melodies and a harmonic two part singing. Their debut stroke like a meteor, only two years after their meeting at the Girls Rock Camp they played already support act for L.A. Witch and Franz Ferdinand.

Our second guest is Anna Pühringer, one of the driving forces behind the lable Cut Surface. Together with Philipp Hanich she started the label in fall 2016, since then they are restlessly distributing current and primarily local music productions in the spirit of (post-)punk, garage and no wave. The output is vivid, they made over 26 releases – mostly on vinyl or cassette tape – in only 2 1/2 years. Cut Surface is providing a home base to a divers rooster of artists, what binds them together are organic sounds that are rough on the edges and a spirit of DIY and do it together. Firmly embedded in the warming nest of a community, Cut Surface incubates every release in close collaboration with the respective artists cut for cut and layer by layer – from artwork design to release concert. The worn-out term „DIY“ is here, where people from the label still mix recordings themselves, crop prints and paint record covers. Anna Pühringer will tell us more about the practical work of a true underground label, driven mostly by unsalaried work, fandom and loads of enthusiasm. And of course there will be tons of music from their colorful artist rooster. We will here songs by Beach Girls and the Monster, Bruch, Grotto Terrazza, Imposition Man, Johnny Fünfhaus, Just Friends and Lovers, Lady Lynch, The Boiler, Tom Wu and Wirtschaftskammer.



1) Johnny Fünfhaus – Schutt (Compilation B, Cut Surface 2018) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/johnny-f-nfhaus-schutt
2) Dives – Waiting (Waiting, siluh 2018) https://dives-vienna.bandcamp.com/track/waiting
3) Шaпκa (Schapka) – How is it to make music as a woman _ Radikal (Wir sind Propaganda CD, unrecordes 2017) https://unrecords.bandcamp.com/track/how-is-it-to-make-music-as-a-woman-radikal
4) Шaпκa (Schapka) – USQQ (Wir sind Propaganda CD, unrecordes 2017) https://unrecords.bandcamp.com/track/usqq
5) Dives – Concrete (Dives EP, self released/siluh records 2017) https://dives-vienna.bandcamp.com/track/concrete
6) Dives – Tomorrow (Dives EP, self released/siluh records 2017) https://dives-vienna.bandcamp.com/track/tomorrow
7) Beach Girl and the Monster – Surf A Gogo (Compilation B, Cut Surface 2018) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/beach-girls-and-the-monster-surf-a-gogo
8) Tom Wu – All You Want (Is Just A Little Something) (All You Want LP/CD, Cut Surface 2018) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/all-you-want-is-just-a-little-something
9) IMPOSITION MAN – Crawler I (s/t LP, Cut Surface 2019) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/crawler-i
10) Just Friends and Lovers – Maria (Her most Criminal Crimes LP, Cut Surface 2019) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/maria
11) GROTTO TERRAZZA – Trattoria Nihil (Stumpfer Gegenstand MC, Cut Surface 2019) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/trattoria-nihil
12) Wirtschaftskammer – Elba (s/t LP, Cut Surface 2019) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/elba
13) Lady Lynch – Stairs (s/t LP, Cut Surface 2018) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/stairs
14) The Boiler – Total Care (Body=Death LP, Cut Surface 2018) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/total-care
15) Bruch – Sweat The Crap Out (Compilation B, Cut Surface 2018) https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/bruch-sweat-the-crap-out



Beach Girls and the Monster https://www.facebook.com/Beachgirlsandthemonster/

Bruch https://soundcloud.com/bruch-2

Dives https://dives-vienna.bandcamp.com/

Grotto Terrazza https://www.facebook.com/grottoterrazza/

Imposition Man http://www.cutsurface.com/artists/imposition-man/

Johnny Fünfhaus https://soundcloud.com/johnnyfuenfhaus

Just Friends and Lovers https://www.facebook.com/JustFriendsAndLovers

Lady Lynch https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/album/lady-lynch-2

Шaпκa (Schapka) https://www.facebook.com/schapkaband

The Boiler http://www.cutsurface.com/artists/the-boiler/

Tom Wu https://tomwu.bandcamp.com/

Wirtschaftskammer https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/album/wirtschaftskammer

Cut Surface

Siluh Records


Girls Rock Camp Alliance (worldwide) https://www.girlsrockcampalliance.org/
Girls Rock Europe https://www.girlsrockeurope.org/
pink noise Girls Rock Camp (Austria) www.girlsrock.at

RADIO & COUNTRY: Orange 94.0 (https://o94.at/), Vienna, Austria

Prepared, announced, engineered and mixed by Rosa Danner

Fremdmaterial in 07-radiomuse-br-radioorange
Schutt by Johnny Fünfhaus (Cut Surface) ©
Waiting by Dives (Siluh Records) ©
How is it to make music as a woman _ Radikal by Шaпκa (Schapka) (unrecords) ©
USQQ by Шaпκa (Schapka) (unrecords) ©
Concrete by Dives (Siluh Records) ©
Tomorrow by Dives (Siluh Records) ©
Surf A Go Go by Beach Girl and the Monster (Cut Surface) ©
All You Want (Is Just A Little Something) by Tom Wu (Cut Surface) ©
Crawler I by IMPOSITION MAN (Cut Surface) ©
Trattoria Nihil by GROTTO TERRAZZA (Cut Surface) ©
Elba by Wirtschaftskammer (Cut Surface) ©
Stairs by Lady Lynch (Cut Surface) ©
Total Care by The Boiler (Cut Surface) ©
Sweat The Crap Out by Bruch (Cut Surface) ©
Maria by Just Friends and Lovers (Cut Surface) ©
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