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The guest of this episode is a fascinating Czech architect and designer, who due to the cold war had to spend a significant part of her life in London. After working on important projects, like the harbor in Brighton and cooperations with world-famous personalities like Richard Rogers and Ove Arup,  she started her own office called EJAL.
Her architecture is based on optimism and due to her profound understanding of material properties and structure, she was able to create spaces of incredible lightness and elegance. She is famous for glass staircases but has planned also hotels, bridges, educational buildings as well as a concert hall and much more.
Only after the velvet revolution, Eva Jiřičná could extend her focus to the country of her origin and realize important projects there, as well as influence the development of architecture as a professor at the VŠUP in Prague. In 1999 she started the office AI – DESIGN in partnership with Petr Vagner.
At the occasion of her birthday, the cultural center DOX in Prague presents her rich portfolio in an impressive exhibition.


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