RadioMuse Broadcast #3

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RadioMuse Broadcast #3

hosted by Orange 94.0

Our 3rd Broadcast of RadioMuse is revolving around two Austrian independent Labels with a focus on beats – Beatzarilla and Duzz Down San. Orange 94.0 from Vienna has invited Nina Braith and Anna Schauberger to talk about their work and present an artful music selection. The link between Beatzarilla and our second guest Anna Schauberger is the awareness for imbalance in the music scene and the commitment to stir up the boys club.

The first part is dedicated to Beatzarilla and their empowering efforts for female artists. Beatzarilla is a fresh Austrian independent label for female producers and female artists working with music, based on Electronic, Hip Hop or other beat-focused genres. The collective is creating a powerful community trying to build consciousness for the variety of talented, active female musicians in Austria. Beside being a label they do an event series at Fluc Cafe Vienna, where young and also established female artists get space to present themselves live on stage. That means not only musicians, the events are open to various urban arts like Poetry Slam, DJing, video or light design.

Nina Braith (aka Inana) started the label-collective in 2018 together with fellow artists. She is our first guest and will explain how it all began, why she felt the need to start this project and what they plan for the future.
At the moment the Beatzarilla collective consists of six female artists: Nina Braith (iNANA, Beat Poetry Club – singer, producer); Iva Zabkar (iNANA – producer, score composer), Lilly Janoska (RawCat, Beat Poetry Club – beatboxer); Simay Zwerger (MC May – MC, rapper), Ursi Wögerer (Misses U, Beat Poetry Club – singer, producer, rapper); Leni Griesslehner (helahoop – singer, producer). The broadcast will include some fresh tunes of all of the six inspiring artists, als well as their newest label-signing Marie.

Our second guest is Anna Schauberger, already known for her solo project The Unused Word with a dark trademark voice, embraced by organic electronic sounds, evolving from HipHop and Soul. She recently teamed up with Testa (Lukas Ljubanovic), a cunning producer and turntabelist. Together they are the duo Nødstop and they released their debut seven track EP „Ø“ in April 2019 on Duzz Down San. We will have a close look in this project in the second half of the show.
Schauberger entered Duzz Down San in 2012 to release here Debut „∞ (infinity)“ on the label in 2013. This is where she crossed path with Testa for the first time, he was doing the Mastering for her Album and also made Remixes for some tracks. It immediately became clear that a collaboration between them is on eye level and very productive. But only in late 2017 they started exchange music to do a joint project. A work that functions on a long distance and even with few words. They have both their musical sketches, Schauberger is putting in lyrics and voice, Ljubanovic brings cuts and samples and some fine-tuning.

Nødstop are making captivating soundscapes, futuristic Pop and laid-back HipHop that lure the listener in before confronting them with hard hitting lyrics that tackle big themes from the environment to domestic violence, echoing the continuous sense of unease that is the backdrop to contemporary life. This interplay between the music and the lyrics is echoed in the name Nødstop, which is Danish for “emergency brakes”. Indulging in some multilingual wordplay, Schauberger explains, „You can nod your heads to our hip hop-influenced beats, but if you start listening to the words, you might stop because I do worry about things like climate change, homelessness or violence against women in my lyrics“.

Schauberger will also introduce us briefly to the Universe of Duzz Down San, an independent label that feels more like a big family of likeminded people. Duzz Down San originally started as a HipHop label in 2008, but it grew to be much more than that in the last 11 years. It is one of the most interesting Austrian Lables in HipHip and electronic music, an institution for underground music evolving around beats, avantgarde dance floor tracks and conscious Rap. You will get a glimpse of Duzz Down Sans broad Œvre with tracks of The Unused Word, Testa, Joja, Spinelly, TSI and Von Seiten der Gemeinde.

RADIO & COUNTRY: Orange 94.0, Vienna, Austria

Prepared, announced, engineered and mixed by Rosa Danner



Misses U
The Unused Word
Von Seiten der Gemeinde

Duzz Down San



1) iNANA – Hello (How Is the Air – EP, Beatzarilla, 2018)
2) MC May, RawCat, iNANA – Beatzarilla Jingle Live Accapella (unreleased, live at female:pressure radio, March 2019)
3) helahoop – Turninglights (U!turn EP, Shash Records 2018)
4) Marie – 20 Missed Calls (I Rise – EP, Beatzarilla, 2019)
5) Misses U – Show A Little Respect feat. Ruffian Rugged & Kinetical (I Am Me, Beatzarilla, 2018)
6) Nødstop – Test Me (Ø – EP, Duzz Down San, 2019)
7) TSI – illvibe (X – Compilation, Duzz Down San, 2018)
8) Testa – You & Me (X – Compilation, Duzz Down San, 2018)
9) Nødstop – Summer (Ø – EP, Duzz Down San, 2019)
10) Spinelly – Night Walk (X – Compilation, Duzz Down San, 2018)
11) Nødstop – #skyporn (Ø – EP, Duzz Down San, 2019)
12) The Unused Word – Falling through the barrier (X – Compilation, Duzz Down San, 2018)
13) Joja – holy (STILL, Duzz Down San, 2019)
14) Joja – OK (X – Compilation, Duzz Down San, 2018)
15) Von Seiten der Gemeinde – Årbada (State of Gemeind, Duzz Down San, 2017)


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