• The Endless Summer 05/2019
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This month we have a special show centered around the legendary Los Angeles band, LOVE!

As original member Johnny Echols and long time band members (and Endless Summer radio show friends) Mike Randle and Rusty Squeezebox prepare to tour the UK and Spain for likely the last time as LOVE REVISITED, they took time to talk with us about LOVE and its´mercurial leader ARTHUR LEE. LOVE is perhaps best known for their classic album „Forever Changes“ which Rolling Stone put in their list of the 40 best rock albums ever, or the admiration of THE DOORS´ JIM MORRISON, who famously announced that he hoped his band would one day be as big as LOVE was.

Fans of all eras of the band, from their halcyon days on the Sunset Strip, through Arthur´s wild solo years, and his return to glory after incarceration with backing band Baby Lemonade will all find something to enjoy on this show. In addition, we will be playing NEW MUSIC from LOVE REVISITED and some hard to find versions which you probably won´t find easily anywhere else.

Join the Endless Summer for a fun interview and astounding music as we look back, and forward, WITH LOVE.